Schema Theme vs Generatepress: Which Is Best In (2021)?

I’m super excited to do Deep comparison of schema theme vs. Generatepress.

If you are looking for the best WordPress theme for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Because today I’m going through the given below schema theme vs. Generatepress comparison in terms of:

  • Performance
  • Design Features
  • Layout Customisation
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Technical Support & Updates
  • Price

Let’s do it!

 Schema theme vs Generatepress: Who will win?

If you want to build a long term online successful business, then a good theme is essential. You can’t change themes again and again because it’s a very challenging task for everyone.

In the market, dozens of themes are available, and you get confused, but the fastest and SEO optimized are very few themes available.

Schema theme vs Generatepress is hot in the WordPress marketplace right now.

Both come with fully responsive and customized theme features.

Schema theme vs Generatepress is widely used for blogs, affiliate websites, and many other niche websites.

Let’s see the major difference between schema vs Generatepress theme:

1. Schema theme is good for general blogs like tech blogs, business, startups, lifestyle niches where Generatepress used for affiliate sites, or micro-niches, which requires high customizations.

2. Schema comes with limited documentation, but Generatpress comes with more detailed documentation.

3. Schema theme is not the most downloaded theme where generate theme is most downloaded and liked theme in the current marketplace.

4. Schema theme has good loading speed, but Generatepress is the fastest theme till now.

Schema Theme Pros

  • Fully responsive
  • Fully SEO ready
  • Well documented
  • Html & cc3 coded
  • Trust and score
  • Compatible with Elementor
  • Custom CSS
  • shortcodes
  • Integrated social media
  • Suitable for all sites
  • Clean design


  • Schema is a good theme but needs more improvement in performance parameters to compare with Generatepress theme.

GeneratePress Theme Pros

  • Comes with more customization options
  • Low in the price for unlimited use
  • Developer friendly
  • Comes with different templates
  • Hooks & Filters
  • SEO Friendly
  • Ultra load speed
  • Custom CSS
  • Better documented
  • Fully responsive
  • Secure & Stable
  • Page Builder Friendly
  • Plugin Compatible
  • Translated in 20 languages
  • Most downloaded theme with 5 star
  • Best in Class Performance
  • Follow WCAG 2.0 Standards


  • Generatepress theme is the best in the theme market yet. There are no cons if you compare to the schema theme.

#1. Schema Theme Vs GeneratePress: Performance

Both themes come with highly customized and stable coding standards.

Better customized code always helps to give a good performance experience.

I have installed both themes and check the speed for deep comparison for speed and performance without adding content and builders.

Let’s see what I found.

Schema Theme

schema theme

You can see the above screenshot schema theme loading speed is low than generatepress theme.

schema lite theme

You can see above screenshot after adding 5 post the schema performance speed is good but not fast as generatepress.

Generatepress Theme

generatepress theme

As you can see above screenshot generatepress theme speed is bit high than schema theme.

generatepress child theme

As you can see above screenshot after adding 5 post generatepress performance is still very high if we compare with schema theme.

Winner: Generatepress

#2. Schema theme vs Generatepress:Design Features

Schema provides shortcodes, all google fonts with header design, but Generatepress offers only a single header design.

Schema themes come with normal color adjustment and typography, where the Generatepress theme gives you more styling options for content.

Both themes also come in the free version called Generatepress child theme and schema lite theme. Both child versions provide good website control like

desktop or mobile, but if you want more control and more stylish customer’s eye-catching designs, you should go for the premium theme version.

Schema comes with effortless designs, where the Genratpress theme comes with different killer designs. You can choose all designs and import them according to your site niche. 

Here are some samples of both WordPress theme designs.

#3. Schema theme vs Generatepress: Layout Customisation

There are not many themes that can provide you with a better and more customized layout than the Generatepress theme.

Yes, it’s true!

Generatepress offers you and gives you full control to set different unique headers for different pages. This theme also offers you a transparent page header option, which is quite good, and also allows you to set up images, video backgrounds, content, and put all elements to use comfortably.

If we make a comparison of both themes, then schema comes with very simple. Yet, it also provides a host of layout customization options according to the niche but you cant design like Generatepress.

So again, Genratepress is the winner.

#4. Schema theme vs Generatepress: Page Builder Compatibility

schema theme design
generatepress templetes

Schema works amazingly with regular simple blogs like business startup traveling and healthcare niches that need fast load and rank high in search engines, but if you are working for an affiliate site or working on funnel selling, then it’s required heavy designing, which is not possible in the schema.

If you want to work on micro niche or affiliate products, then the Generatepress theme is the best choice because it comes with different designs and modules that help you create a killer micro niche affiliate site.

Let’s come to the page builders compatibility, then schema and Generatepress themes both compatible with Elementor.

But Elementor itself suggested on their site Generatepress is the best theme with Elementor, which you can’t ignore.

Same care new page builder Thrive, Architect, as Generatepress work very well. This builder gives full control to make critical changes and designs very easily.

So there again, Generatepress wins.

#5. Schema theme vs Generatepress: WooCommerce Integration

To increase revenue streams, you may also start the store with side by side blog. This can happen very easily by just installing the woo-commerce plugin on your site. 

Both themes can easily configure the plugin and help set up your online store and sell digital or physical products.

But Generatepress comes with different dedicated modules for woo commerce integration, helping you customize the page itself.

With the addon/modules, you can select the alignment, the number of products will appear on-page.

So, in terms of both themes, woo commerce integration Generatepress is top followed by schema theme.

#6. Schema theme vs Generatepress: Technical Support & Updates

Schema theme has a quick support system. You will get 24/7 premium technical support if you feel any problem regarding the schema theme.

Same in this case of Genratepress also offers free support and updates for one year. If you want to connect with the support team, then you have to create a ticket, or you can post a query in their support forum and you will get a response.

In both technical and updates comparison schema is top. So schema theme wins.

#7. Generatepress theme vs Schema: Price

Schema Pro WordPress theme comes with three prices. If you want a theme for one site, then the price is $35; for three sites, $59, or if you are interested in unlimited use, then the last price is $77. 

Generatepress a premium WordPress theme, you can use up to 500 websites for just $59, which is very good.

In price terms again, Generatepress thems win.

#8. Generatepress theme vs Schema: SEO optimization

Both websites are fully optimized for SEO. But if you want more reach snippets ranking, reviews then go for schema without any doubt because this theme plays a perfect role in SEO ranking.

So both SEO optimization comparison schema themes are topped by Generatepress.

Schema theme vs Generatepress: Final thoughts

Schema Theme Vs GeneratePress both are fully responsive and well SEO optimized with fast loading speed.

If you are a newbie or running a healthcare, lifestyle, or similar blog, I want to recommend you go for a schema theme. 

But if you have a money site or want to work on an affiliate or micro-niche, I want to recommend only the Generatepress theme. 

Schema offers a limited style layout where Generatepress has a dozen customized modules and plugins that make your site killer. 

If you’ve seen the above price comparison in this post, then Generatepress offers unlimited use up to 500 websites, where if you want unlimited use of schema themes in websites, you have to pay $77.

In my experience, both themes are good, but I want to recommend the Generatepress theme because this theme fits all niche websites. If you are an affiliate blogger, then there is no best theme in the market than Generatepress.

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