Generatepress vs Oceanwp Review: Which is Better 2021?

Are you struggling to choose a theme between Generatepress vs Oceanwp for your next dream website?

When it’s come to choosing the best WordPress theme for your dream website, it’s very important to pick the right and fastest theme, which helps you to give your audiences a better experience. 

There are many themes in the market, but these two themes are very popular and most downloaded themes this year.

Today this is going to be the most detailed comparison of both themes. I’m going to do Generatepress, or Oceanwp compares in terms of:

Let’s dive in!

Generatepress Theme vs Oceanwp Review: Who will win?

Generatepress Theme

Generatepress vs Oceanwp Review

Generatepress is the ultra-lightweight and fastest theme. This themes page size under 30kb comes with clean code and offers dozens of options and hooks for more customizations.

Generatepress has more than 300000+ active installations on and 1000+ five star rating. 

OceanWP Theme

Oceanwp theme

OceanWP is not focused on speed and performance, but its more focused on their designs and dozens of add- ons features such as login popup on-screen, sticky content, portfolio etc. This theme is more compatible with e-commerce sites spacially with woocommerce.OceanWP theme has 600000+ active installation with 4000+ five star rating on site.

GeneratePress Pros

  • Good color management
  • Enable Disable Elements
  • Page Builder Friendly
  • Secure & Stable
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Less Than 10kb Page Size
  • SEO Ready 
  • Layout Control
  • Hooks & Filters
  • Translated Into 20 Language
  • Compatible With All Plugins
  • Flexible Header Available 
  • Low In Price


  • Free version not useful, but the premium is Awesome.
  • Dated default style
  • Not many 3rd party integrations

OceanWP Pros

  • Native Cart Popup
  • Fully eCommerce ready
  • Megamenu
  • Fully Customized
  • RTL Support
  • Free Templates Available
  • Off-Canvas Filter
  • Floating Add To Cart Bar
  • Better Page Builder Compatibility


  • Full of ads in free theme version
  • For installation to many plugins required
  • Too slow when compared to other themes
  • Options panel is not well organized.
  • Dated default style
  • Dated demo styles

Ease to use: Generatepress vs Oceanwp

Generatepress is good for newb because this theme is very easy to use. All add ons options are well managed and organized.

Oceanwp is not too easy to use for everyone the big reason behind is options are all over the place. 

So in terms of both themes ease to use comparison Generatepress in the top.

Features: Generatepress vs Oceanwp

Both themes are good in features, but Oceanwp offers more feature than Generatepress. 

Here are some major different in both theme.

Pre-Built Element: Oceanwp provides a wide range of headers, dozens of customized elements, 15 widgets, 7 different headers styles, and 5 starting layouts. Generatepress also offers to add on features but bit lighter in this area.

E-commerce Application: Oceanwp has ultimate command on this area, offers targeted functionality for improving your eCommerce site add to cart and product pages. Generatepress also provide woocommerce module, but this theme does not stand out in front of Oceanwp.

Developer friendly theme: Both themes come with hooks and filters, but Generatepress is more developer-friendly.

So in terms of comparing both themes, Oceanwp in the top.

Speed & Performance: Oceanwp Theme vs Generatepress

All themes are solid on their place, but when it comes to user experience, then the fast loading website is very important. You don’t know slow site speed can be lost your customers.

Yes, that’s true!

Every second metter for your customers. Both themes are built with solid coding that supports fast performance. Generatepress claim that themes speed is ultra-fast and lightweight. Oceanwp also comes with a few unique features that help to speed up theme speed.

Let’s see how both themes hold up in real comparison. I am going to use 2 online real-time speed checker tool that gives us all ground report of both themes.

Let’s start!

Generatepress vs Oceanwp Review

You can see above screenshot Generatepress loading speed is ultra-fast and within 0.8 seconds take to load. In this screenshot, I have not added any post.

Generatepress child theme

You can see above screenshots I have added 5 posts then have check site speed in Gtmetrix tool. Generatepress theme is again doing well and with in 0.9 second load speed.

Generatepress vs Oceanwp

OceanWP theme also performs well but in terms of generatepress comparison, oceanwp is not that much fast.

ocean free theme

OceanWp is also doing good and load with in 1.2 seconds but still oceanwp speed is not fast than Generatepress.

Different page builders compatibility:Generatepress vs Oceanwp

Both themes work well with Elementor and other page builders plugins, but in Generatepress has less to provide here. This theme claims that it’s compatible with all page builders plugins, but there is very little information available which specific builder plugin works well with this theme. However, the given modular designs in these themes are work well with page builders.

Oceanwp is specially designed to support and work smoothly with all major page builders plugins. This theme developer has taken care to ensure that Oceanwp theme support

Elementor, visual version, divi and other builders. There are many other extensions available in premium theme adds dozens of widgets specifically design for Elementor plugins.

Layouts and design options

Any worthful theme should offer plenty of design option to get a start and create a better site. 

Let’s see Generatepress or oceanWP provide all options in terms of starting layouts, templates etc.

Well, start with OceanWP theme, that offers a lot of starting demos you can use what you like. There are also extensions in the premium theme that offers portfolio and add to cart popups, like hooks, Elementor widgets, headers, Instagram integration and sticky header etc.

Same as OceanWp, Generatepress also provide a lot of design options that come with various modules like typography, sections, backgrounds and many more. These all option added to customize pretty, and better website appearance.

Both themes did not disappoint in all terms of design and layouts.  

Plugins:Generatepress vs Oceanwp

As I’ve mentioned in passing that both themes come with great extensions, modules and plugins. But we did not compare yet in-depth them.

OceanWp premium theme versions offer all of the theme extensions.

I’ve already discussed this theme offer design and modules that provide social buttons, popups, hooks for developers, and many more things. This theme mainly focused on designs. Oceanwp fit for all type eCommerce sites, the woo commerce popup login, floating cart bar and native cart popup makes this theme more impressive.

Generatepress also come with all of the modules, and there are similar things what Oceanwp provide. 

Support and Well Documentation:Generatepress vs Oceanwp

Its doesn’t matter how easy and fast your theme is, but you’ve always some queries related to themes. So it’s important to have a good support option for help.

Both themes come with years of support and updates, and each theme provides ticket submission as the primary way to get help.

Generate also offers support forums, but Oceanwp doesn’t.

Let’s comes to the documentation, then Generatepress documentation is good than Oceanwp, but both cover important bases.

If we compare both terms of support, then Generatepress is the winner.

WooCommerce Integration:Generatepress vs Oceanwp

Oceanwp comes with solid design and woo commerce integration. This theme offers lots of options if you want to run eCommerce site then this theme is for you. Oceanwp offers woo commerce integration with woo popup facility when you click on add to cart button then one popup comes to the display that makes more user friendly.

Generatepress is also a good theme and easy to install and integrate woo-commerce plugin but if not good as Oceanwp theme.

Price and Value:Generatepress vs Oceanwp

Oceanwp is the most scalable theme and provides premium extensions in three price categories. If you want to run a theme for 1 site, then the personal package price is $39. The second package name is business, in this package, you can use the theme in 3 website, and last Package name is agency. This package price is $129, and we can still use this only on 25 website, which is not worthy.

Generatepress is coming with 2 packages, first premium plan price is $59, and you can use this up to 500 website, which is better than any other theme. The second package is lifetime, and the price is $249, which again worthy. You can use this for an unlimited website, and you will get lifetime premium support and updates.

So if we compare both in terms of price and value, then Generatepress is the clear winner.

Final Thoughts:Generatepress vs Oceanwp

If you want to run an ecommerce website or well-designed website, then you can go for Oceanwp premium theme otherwise don’t choose this theme.

Because after paying $129, you can still use this theme in 25 website which is not worthy and this theme speed also slow as compare to Generatepress.

Generatepress is one of the best theme and fit for every niche sites like affiliate sites, travel site, hospitality etc. 

This theme starting price is $59 and allow us to use up to 500 website, which is really great. If you use Elementor or thrive architect builder plugins then still the page loading speed is ultra-fast. 

So I want to recommend that go with Generatepress theme, there is no other best theme than Generatepress.

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