10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Seo [Save Your Money 2021]

Looking for winning keywords for your website but don’t have money to spend on paid tools? I’m super excited to share my list of the best free keyword research tools for SEO that will help you find winning keywords to target your website.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

These tools are fantastic. You can see the site 4 monthly organic traffic screenshot. My other site traffic grows 7.57% in the last 4 months. 

Good keyword research can increase tons of website traffic. There are many SEO tools available in the market and offering different features and sources of data.  

But the most important thing is which is good for you.

Here is the list of free keyword research tools that will help you kickstart your SEO without any investment.

Let’s Started

List Of Top 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Seo

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyworddit
  • Google Search Console
  • Questiondb
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Google
  • Soovle

#1. Soovle 

Soovle is an amazing keywords research tool. Soovle gives keywords ideas from google and gives ideas from Wikipedia, amazon, yahoo, answers, youtube, and bing.

Soovle is also known as an all in one keywords research tool.

How do I research keywords for free in soovle?

In this free keywords research tool, you have to put your topic related keyword and hit the soovle icon.

top free keyword research tool

You will see all the suggestions from different platforms like google, yahoo Amazon, etc.

Soovle tool keywords saved suggestions feature

soovle keywords research tool

After the key word search, you can choose your favorite keywords and put them into the saved suggestion by just the drag and drop feature. 

Now you can download your favorite keywords CSV file.

#2. Google Trends

Google Trends keywords research tool helps to know the country or location-specific keywords search trend or popularity.

This is the best free SEO tool for local businesses because it helps to understand local search patterns in different countries and cities.

With this tool, you can check fluctuations of keyword’s popularity in a year.

There are two ways to use this free keywords research tool.

First, you can check specific keyword popularity by entering your keyword in the search box.

google trend tool

And it will show you keywords for one-year search stats.

You can check by countries, categories, web search, news search, google shopping, and youtube searched stats.

If you scroll down then you will see interest by sub rigens, related topics, and queries.

When do you need this google keyword tool?

If you have a local site, news, tech site, and youtube channel then google trend is an opportunity to find the best keywords to boost your traffic instantly.

#3. Google Search Console

Find tons of the golden keywords for your site

Google search console is not a keyword research tool but has some good features that help pick awesome keywords for the website.

What is Google Search Console Feature?

Website performance report

In this performance report, you will see which page of your website gets the most clicks on google.

Now, how can the performance feature will helps you to find keywords?

Well it’s very easy to research “Opportunity keywords” 

Go to the average position box and click on it.

Google Search Console

Scroll down the page you will see on your right side the average position of keywords. 

Now you have to select “low hanging fruits” keywords that are rank between 7 to 20 in SERP for specific keywords.

With little on-page SEO, you can see your site or specific page ranking boost.

free keyword searching tools

For example, I am ranking for “Moz courses free” at 11 average positions.

That keyword is the golden keyword. And if I do a little optimization of my page around the “Moz Courses Free”, my ranking will instantly increase within a week.

When you need this Free keyword research tool?

After publishing your article, wait for 1 or two weeks you will see these hanging fruits keywords. Optimize your page around these opportunity keywords and boost your ranking 10x speed.

#4. Answer the Public

This is another free keyword research tool online. Answer the Public use to search questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, related searches for a specific keyword.


Let me explain these ones by one.

Answer the Public tool

Start with any “seed” keyword like “table tennis” and search in Answer the public site search box.

You will see the dozens of questions and answers queries related to your seed keyword.

All search queries start with who, why, how, where, when, etc.

For example

  • how table tennis is played
  • how table tennis become popular
  • how table tennis started
  • how table tennis is scored
  • how table tennis manage stress
free keyword research tool google

You can choose Q & A queries according to your need and these long-tail keywords queries are also help to rank fast in google.

Next is Comparisons

In this section, this tool finds the comparison keywords related queries.

This section of search queries contain vs, or, versus, and, like.

For example

  • table tennis or ping pong
  • table tennis or badminton
  • table tennis or tennis
  • table tennis or racquet
  • table tennis or paddle
keyword research tool

You can easily create a comparison topic for your site.

alphabetical searches

This tool shows alphabets a to z related searches. you can take broad keywords ideas from this tool.

long tail keywords

But this tool only gives 2 searches per day. If you want more searches then you have to purchase a premium plan for this tool.

How I use this tool for free?

I choose the seed keywords and put them in this tool. After that, there is a download CSV file option. I download all the stuff with this option and choose the keywords that I need for my new topic.

#5. Keyword Generator

Ahrefs Keywords Tool is paid tool but they also provide some free features.

Ahrefs tool offers free tools like keywords generator, bing keyword tool, amazon keyword tool, backlinks checker, etc. 

How do I research keywords for free in the Ahref tool?

Write the seed keyword in the search box.

Ahrefs Keywords Tool

Select the country if you want to check specific country keywords.

Click on google ReCaptcha.

After that hit the find keywords button.

google keyword tool

Now you can see the mental health free keyword suggestions up to 100. You can see the google search volume of a keyword, Keyword difficulty.

This Ahref tool also gives the free option to find long-tail keywords question queries. Select the Questions button and fill in the google ReCaptcha.

keywords generator tool

In the above screenshot there are 50 different types of keyword queries with their keywords difficulty and total Google search volume.

#6. Alsoasked

Alsoasked is my favorite free long-tail keyword research tool that helps to find QUESTION-BASED KEYWORDS.

alsoasked tool

Past 2 years google voice search is increasing, we are noticing that people shift the way of search. People search queries are longer and more conversational form. 

These queries are known as “long-tail keywords”

For example “Okay google how to make coffee?”

So what happened here user search long-tail keywords query and google understand you are asking question begins with how, what, why, when. 

So if you want cheap bulk traffic on your website without making many efforts, optimize your site for long question queries.

How to find long-tail keywords with Alsoasked?

Open the website and put your seed keyword in the search box and click. You will see the question queries graph related to your seed keyword. 

Here are some question comes back for the query “Keto Diet”

  • What can you eat on the keto diet?
  • How long should do keto diet?
  • How does keto diet work?
question based keywords

You can then generate content for Keto Diet Topic and optimize your content for these questions to answer queries. 

#7. QuestionDB

QuestionDB is another question focused free SEO keyword tool.

This tool finds the keywords from threads on Reddit. So if you are looking for the best question-based keywords then it will work for you.

questiondb keywords tool

You just need to put your 2 or 3 words keyword and hit the search button. It will show you tons of queries related to your keywords, and you can also download all long keywords queries files into your device, which is free of cost.

free keyword research tool google

Is QuestionDB free?

This tool comes with a freemium model. You can do 50 searches related to your keywords which is enough to find long-tail keywords.

keyword tool price

#8. KeywordTool.io Tool

KeywordTool is another free targeted keyword scraper tool.

Why keywordTool is unique?


Keywordtool generates bulk keywords suggestions.

I can search google, youtube, bing, amazon, eBay, play store, Instagram, and Twitter keywords research in this tool.

For example

I search the “skin care” Keyword in KeywordTool. You can see in the screenshot it shows more than 500 keywords suggestion, search volume, trend, keywords CPC, and keywords difficulty.



When you click on the questions button, it shows us 135 unique queries related to our prime keyword.

keyword suggestions


If you click on Prepositions, then it shows us 360 queries related to our keywords. You can also use the filter result option. KeywordTool.io is also the best free keyword research tool for youtube.

#9. Semrush – Keyword Magic Tool

I know the Semrush tool is very expensive, but this tool also offers us a free keywords research option named a keyword magic tool.

With the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool’s help, we can hit 10 requests per day for keyword research.

If you are a beginner in blogging or you don’t want to buy a semrush paid tool, then you can use this feature.

semrush tool

How to use the SEMrush tool for free?

Search any seed keyword in the keyword magic tool, and you can see the broad match keywords, phrase match, exact match keywords, related, and question keywords about your seed keyword.

This free SEMrush also gives you all information about Google keyword search volume, trend, Keyword difficulty, CPC, Serp Features, and total search results on google for specific keywords.

#10. Google Keyword Planner

The top free keyword research tool is Google keyword planner tool

Why is this tool best?

Because this is own google product and all the keywords data comes straight from google.

Is Google Keyword Planner is free?

This is a common question for all, but I want to tell you this is a 100% free keyword research tool provided by Google.

This tool shows the tons of primary keywords related keywords, monthly search volumes, the competition of keywords, and top-of-page bid (low and high range).

For example:

I search “weight loss” keyword and click enter then you can see 610 related keywords. You can select the high bid range keywords that help you to gain max traffic. For example, the top bid for weight loss is $3.77; it means people are paying $3.77 per click.

Top of page bid (high range)

Clearly, this is a higher number and people are doing more searches for this keyword. You can optimize your content with these high bid keywords.

#11. Google

Google is not the only search engine. People also use this as a keywords research tool.

There are three ways to find targeted keywords for the website.

Google search suggestion

When you write any keywords in google search bar the google automatically start showing the keywords suggestions related to your query. You can pick the keywords that are related to your keyword.

google keywords search

You can see above screenshot if I write “local seo” then google start gives this keywords related suggetions. That means peoples also search these queries in google. We can pick keywords from there.

People also ask

This is google question panel offered by google. If you are looking for what people ask for in google, this is the best place to know all user queries. Its helps to optimize your content according to the people queries.

people also ask